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This is a Commando design by William Hackworth, a common sense design with green micarta handles that's ready to put in a long day of work. Larger linked picture shows the well made leather sheath.
Another beautiful Nova blade by William Hackworth, this one done with rare Pink Ivory wood and Purpleheart and brass trim. Wow.  Hard to believe that this is a hard working utility knife.
From Ron Blaessig, we get this picture of a hardworking Piranha blade done up with a beautiful maple burl handle.  Ron is at and his website is RSB Knives
Another beauty from Ron Blaessig, this time a Panther with maple burl and redwood burl handles with copper and black spacers.
The Ocelot blade by Rick Coville shows a very simple and easy to do treatment that makes the blade look super deluxe and custom. Ain't that a gorgeous look? A layer of Amaranth over corian. Nice. Rick is at
Redwood Blade with home made denim micarta by Bob Wilson. Now here's a hardworking blade that looks like it would be comfortable in your hand all day. Like to see more of Bob's beautiful work? Check out the knives at his website. Click HERE
First time out for Roger Tidwell and this is the result : Wow.  Badger blade with hand shaped brass guard and cocobolo scales. The Badger was one of the original blade blanks  available for knifemakers and pictures like this show why it has remained so popular. Roger is at
David White jumped in with both feet with his first blade, the Eagle, to make this beautiful creation. Check out the filework that makes this a real work of functional art . David  was even kind enough to do a step by step photo shoot of the steps he went through. Check out his post on BladeForums.  Thanks, David!
Another beautiful creation from Gary Silvers, this time a gorgeous  puukko with an amboyna handle with  deer antler spacers, made in traditional style . In addition to being a functional work of art, Gary says the blade is "wicked sharp".  Gary is at

Emwerson Blade 

Great use of contrasting colors of corian on the Handy blade by Greg Emerson. Attractive, unique .very visible---and let's not forget hardworking. Greg is at
Dave Lego's BearClaw blades  A couple of Bear Claws by Dave Lego, given to his two sons as Christmas presents. (lucky kids!) made with elegant looking corian guards. Enlarged photos will show you the nice looking kydex sheaths that Dave made for these. And if you're wondering about the items on the table in the photo, Dave is , among other things, a professional falconer. (Click HERE to see his website). Dave can be reached at:
  Beautiful picture of a Scout blade sent in by John Shaffer, all dressed up with mammoth tooth handles, jade and lapis accents and custom pins. Looks like it could go from display stand to putting in a hard days work without breaking a sweat. John is at
I used to think that stacked leather washer handles were for utility only. Knifemaker Jack Stafford proves that they can be beautiful also, as shown on this Friar blade, where jack used turquoise gemstone between red and black spacers.  Jack uses a water thin super glue to stack the washers, giving him the solid surface appearance.  Jack is at
  Beautiful Nova blade by  John Shaffer features tiger maple handles with purpleheart and mammoth tooth accents. Who says a hardworking blade can't be beautiful? John is at
 Jack Seitzinger started making knives four years ago because ( he says) of the tutorials on the NorthCoast Knives website. It would appear that the teacher can now learn from the student. Jack, by the way, is just about to turn 82. Jack is at
Roach Puukko  Kevin Roach nailed the traditional look of a Puukko perfectly. This hardworking blade sports a rosewood handle and buffalo horn spacer. Kevin is at
Knives by Zeno  A couple of BearClaws from sporting some Corian handles, ready to go to work. Corian makes a durable, good looking handle and is easy to work with. These are made by Zeno, who can be reached at
Bowie blade  David West turned the hard working Texas Bowie into a work of art with the addition of 10,000 year old wooly mamoth tusk ( and have you ever checked the price of wooly mamoth?) There are times like this though, where it's worth it. David is at
Bowie Blade1  Another splendid creation by David West, this time using an Elk Stag handle found at ...are you ready for this?....Pet Smart. It's sold for dogs to chew on.  Guess where I'm going this afternoon? David is at
I'd love to see a picture of your personal creation here and  love to build up the NCK Gallery to a  dozen pages or so. Send pictures of your proud craftsmanship to

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