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Hiking Blade blank  The classic Hiking Blade all dolled up by Michael DyFoon with buffalo horn  handles and some dressy custom engraving. A design like this can go from camping to a night on the town without missing a step. Michael is at
Hawk and Eagle Knife Blade  More fancy engraving from Michael DyFoon  turn a Hawk and Eagle combination into a one of a kind treasured keepsake. Cocobolo scales and and a well made  twin pouch really make these stand out. Wow.
Fillet Blade  This beautiful  Trout Fillet knife by Frank Marshall would be right at home on the fanciest  fishing  boat. The black Corian and turquoise gemstone takes a high polish and makes this a royal looking blade. Frank is at
Chef's Blade  David Vickery made a Chef's Blade that looks like  it's as much fun to use as it is efficient. Handle is layered Dymondwood. David is at
Orion Skinning Blade Terrific little Orion Skinning Blade by David Quick features a lacewood and maple burl handle finished with a high gloss spar varnish that insures a durable handle that will stand up to even the wettest and sloppiest conditions. Also has the best use of a credit card that I've seen:  a spacer in the handle.   David can be reached at
Puuko Blade from knife blank Now this is what a Puukko is supposed to look like! This beautiful and hardworking blade and sheath features horn and Jade gemstone spacers and was made by James Bauer. James can be reached at
Ulu knife blade blank Wow, wouldn't this rustic looking horn-handled Ulu by Rick Mahony look right at home in your vacation cabin? Lace bindings complete the look. Rick can be contacted at
Frontier Bowie Knife Blade   Frontier Bowie by Ivan Coutu  sports an  attractive cross cut tiger maple handle. Looking at it sit here is like watching a Porsche just idling at the red light.  Ivan is at
Leather washer handle knives  Leather washer handles don't have to be ugly. This Nova and modified Andromeda have shaped leather washers dyed with a red artists ink. Spacers are stacked fiber sheet.  Knives made by Pat Percival of NorthCoast Knives
Fillet Knife blanks with corian scales While we're at it, let's run a steamroller over another stereotype: a fillet knife while being fully functional, can also be a work of art. Frank Marshall's Trout Fillet blade sports  dark turquoise gemstone over white Corian. Three of them together make a beauty pageant.  Frank is at 
Knife Kit Collection The Rev. Jimmy Chrisawn of Rock Springs, Wyoming has been a busy guy indeed. Check out this ambitious collection of Meercats, Cats, Foxes, Badgers, Dingos  and Barracudas.  Someone is going to have a Merry Christmas! Reverend Jimmy can be reached at
Knife blank with 200mm canon handle
  Now here's a clever idea: Ivan Coutu of Chilliwack, British Columbia, uses 20MM (expended) cannon shells for an attractive hadle that's sure to start a conversation. Ivan is at
Hunting knife from Nova knife blank A gorgeous trio of Nova Blades by Kenneth Schmutz  with natural horn handles and composite gemstone details  gives you a knife that is hardworking and functional but looks like it should be on a display pedestal. Ken is at
Kitchen knife set  Gorgeous kitchen knife set  held in place on a black oak burl stand with ceramic magnets made by  Erwin Ludwig. Wouldn't that really class up anyone's kitchen and inspire you to cook up a feast? Erwin is at
Slim bowie knife blank Curtis-Albert Poppenburg made this work of art from the Slim Bowie blade with imbedded turquoise gemstone and donated it to a fundraiser last year. I would have bought a couple tickets myself. Curtis is at
puukko blade  Now this is what a puukko blade is supposed to look like! Superb craftsmanship and traditional design by John Myshkoff  yield a blade that should be proudly carried and displayed. German silver bolsters, black alder root burl and ironwood handle.  John is at
Bear Camping Knife blade Bear Blade made by McNeb O Bear sports a faux stag handle ( Shhh! Don't tell anyone it's not real!) that gives ir a high end collectors lookmand feel.  He's at
Cricket Small camping knife Cricket Blade made by McNeb O Bear shows off a Bocote handle that he finished with super glue This will give toiu a handle finish that should last darn near forever.He's at

I'd love to see a picture of your personal creation here and  love to build up the NCK Gallery to a  dozen pages or so. Send pictures of your proud craftsmanship to

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