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Hard  to believe, but knifemaker Ron Ker has only been building knives for only  a year and a half now . Yike!  Keep  your eye on this guy! I am very impressed!  This is the Barracuda blade with gorgeous ironwood scales. Ron is at

Another work of art from Ron Ker, this time a Barracuda blade, again using ironwood scales. The beauriful sheath is made by a friiend of his, Travis Oakey. It's not uncommon for Ron to sell  one of his knives for $300, and I think the buyer is getting a deal . Contact Ron  at

Ron Ker again, this time with a Piranna blade and spalted beech handles. That camouflage look is the natural grain in the wood ! I'd suggest buying one of Ron's blades now before he gets famous and the price doubles! Ron is at

Ron Ker doesn't limit himself to fixed blade knives. Get a load of this gorgeous Darrel Ralph DDR1 kit. Not sure, but I'm going to guess that's walnut for scales. Solid wood spine adds a nice touch.

A gaggle of beautiful Darrel Ralph DDR's, again by knifemaker Ron Ker. I recognize the corian knife scales and I'm going to guess walnut on the rest. Ron is at

Beautiful Lion Skinner by knifemaker Gary Silvers sports horn handles, corby rivets and brass guard. If I understand correctly, this knife is going to be raffled off for the hometown Park and Rec Department fundraiser. I wouldn't mind buying a ticket. Gary is 

French knifemaker Thierry Perrier made this hard working puukko   with a buckeye burl handles and a nice looking  angled horn spacer. Thierry is at

Dave Mercer of Appalachian Knife Works sent these photos of his custom knives from steel that he forged from common cable. I'm very impressed with this degree of art and function. Cocobolo and Corian handles. Dave can be reached at 

Another damascus look beauty from Dave Mercer, this time with genuine horn handles and corian spacers. Hard to believe that this gorgeous knife started out as a common piece of steel cable.  This guy is an artist. 

Another Dave Mercer creation with blade forged from steel cable, horn handle and corian spacers. Wouldn't you be proud to sport a knife like this? Imagine the conversations this will start.

Another hardworking puukko style blade from french knife maker Thierry Perrier, this time with a damascus blade, buckey burl, copper, buffalo horn, poly amber spacer. Thierry is at

Photo from knifemaker  Bud Smith of a gorgeous hollow ground hunter with laminated spacer and a birdseye maple handle. Is this a knife you'd be proud to sport or what? Click for a larger picture to see the unique horn display stand. Bud is at

Another beauty from knifemaker Bud Smith. Cocobolo handle with blackwood spacer. Blade is random damascus with a  nice hollow grind.

Another beautiful Shark blade from knifemaker Ron Ker, this one with amboyna scales. I love the custom  shaped guard. Ron can be reached at 
First time knifemaker Juan Durango sent in this picture of his Puukko. The light stain really accentuated the differing grain in the curly birch handle. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Juan can be reached at 

A Darrel Ralph SG4 kit by first time knifemaker Matthew Block. Matt used Mirandiba wood for the handles and sealed it with super glue. Great job! Matt can be reached at 
First time knifemaker Cynara McDonald did this beautiful Paring Blade with cocobolo handles. Wow, do you know what my first knife looked like? Cynara can be reached at

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