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This is Jon Conti's second effort at knifemaking. Wow. Can you imagine what he's going to knocking out a year from now? Elk horn handle is a trophy from his hunting. Blade is the Moray Skinner. You can contact Jon at

The Darrel Ralph DDR3 Folding Knife kit with cocobolo handles. Incredible quality in a serious knife. To see this and the other  Darrel Ralph Folding Knife kits, click HERE. A magnificent  piece of engineering

The Darrel Ralph DDR1 Folding Knife Kit with walnut burl handles. Wow. This was my first folder kit and I'm in love.  To see this and the other  Darrel Ralph Folding Knife kits, click HERE

Another beauty from Australian Stephen Nixon, this time a Badger with dymondwood handles.  I like how he reground the tip of the blade.  If you have any questions for Stephen, you can contact him at

Knifemaker Richard Hoffman put a Whitetail Deer antler handle on a "recycled" Rapala fillet knife blade. The broken tang was cut down to a hidden tang design. This is what a fisherman's knife should look like! Richard is at

Would you believe me if I told you that was knifemaker Justin Quillin's first knife? ( I told him I still keep my first knife in the garage for pulling weeds). Bearclaw blade with zebrawood handles. You can contact Justin at   
Third time out for knifemaker Gary Silvers  and he decided to heavily modify the brass guard on this Moray Skinner for more protection and a sleek, custom look. Cocobolo Handle. Gary is at 

Knifemaker Richard Hoffman brought new life to this reshaped Shrade Sharpfinger. Rosewood handle, deer antler pommel. Very nice. You can contact Richard at 

Technically not a knife, but I thought you'd like to see these beautiful letter openers by Richard Hoffman. ( see above). This is purpleheart, larger link will show you one made from snakewood.  

Knifemaker Newell Price used a Puukko blade and some nice deer horn to make this fine, rustic North Carolina  hunter. Dremel with fine bit provided the decorative engraving. Newell is at

Another hidden pin beauty from knifemaker Gino Acevedo, this time a Moray Skinner with zebrawood handles. Gotta love that sleek, functional look. Gino is at

Reclamation project by Gary Silvers, a 60 or 70 year old Solingen blade from his father. Click on the link to see the new knife with contrasting corian handles. Gary is at 

A Trout Fillet blade by Gary Silvers with Dymondwood handles. I think Gary got it nailed: neat, clean and durable, it just looks efficient, doesn't it? Gary is at 

Beautiful Commando blade by knifemaker Jason Giacomuzzi with cocobolo scales . Simple, clean hardworking look. Jason is at

Interesting and attractive accent by knifemaker Gary Silvers is brass barstock mounted diagonally on a handle with dymondwood scales. I'm going to try this!  Gary is at 
Now this looks like a Puuko blade that earns it's way and still keeps performing. Made by French  knifemaker Thierry Perrier . Thierry is at

Darrel Ralph GX6 kit , another creation by French Knifemaker  Thierry Perrier. Scales are "Red Palm" and I'd love to know where he got the damascus bolster.

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