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Lukas Van Schalkwyk works at Turner Construction so he knows how important a hard working knife is. This damascus beauty sports Indian rosewood handles. Hard to believe that Lukas has only been doing this for a year or so. Lukas is at: 
Ron Brennan calls himself a "newbie" but you sure could have fooled me. This 7" Bowie sports California Buckeye handle with buffalo horn  spacer. Ron is at
Scott Schlef sells his knives under his own SAS brand.  This beautiful Commando has snakewood scales. Looks like it's ready to put in a hard day's work. I like his etched  logo . Scott is at:
Another beauty from Scott Schlef, this time a Riverboat Rita boot knife with nice burl handles. I especially love the handmade leather sheath
Paul Becigneul did a great job on this Piranha blade by using a gorgeous and rare  Thuya Burl for scales and brass pins. Beautiful sheath, also. Paul is at:
A couple of more beautiful creations from Paul Becigneul, this time a pair of Darrel Ralph GPC1000's, one with cocobolo, the other with black graphite scales.  These are knives I'd be proud to be seen with.
This is Robert Bair's third knife and I think it looks great. This is the Northland Skinner.  I love the stained  tiger striped maple handles and get a load of that gorgeous handmade sheath!  Robert is at:
To give us all something to aspire to, old friend Gary Silvers sends this picture of his two new damascus beauties with deer horn handles and cocobolo or elk horn spacers. Blades are from Deer Mountain Forge. Gary is at:
Here's an example of imagination and creativity: this started out in life as a Lion Skinner blade but knifemaker  Kata Nam  used the skull from a keychain instead of a guard. The poly amber and buffalo horn handles yields a one of the few fantasy designs that I've ever seen that is a hard working, functional blade also. Kata is at:
Knifemaker Ruud Overmeer from the Netherlands sent along this picture of his superb  Puukko blade made with a thuya burl and ebony handle. Believe it or not, this is is Ruud's first knife. Wow. Ruud is at :
Chris Huang sent along some great pictures of the mosaic pins he made. For a filler, he used a mixture of nail polish borrowed from his wife ( from the voice of experience: ask first!) mixed with superglue.Takes a day or so to set up, but well worth it. Chris is at:
And this is what Chris Huang's decorative mosaic pins look look like on an All American folder. Scales are olivewood. Beautiful.
Another beauty from Gary Silvers, this time a Puukko design from damascus steel  with  purpleheart and rosewood handle , brass spacers and a wood sheath from rosewood. Click on the larger picture to see his marvelous decorative mosaic pins in the base of the handle. Gary is at:
Another clean  and simple puuko design from Ruud Overmeer from the Netherlands. This one sports an amboyna handles with reinder horn, lapis and black and white fiber spacers. Looks nice on the stand but I bet it feels better in the hand.   Ruud is at :
Fourth time out for knifemaker Tom Gallant, and he made this beautiful puuko style blade with moose antler spacers and curly birch handle. And get a load of that custom sheath ( larger picture). The braid would take me days to figure out. Tom is at
First time knifemaker Jeff Drake jumped in with both feet with his first knife. Hand ground from 440C steel, with Cocobolo Dymondwood handles, Jeff even did his own tempering. I can't wait to see what he's doing a year from now. Jeff is at:
Now this is what the Texas Bowie is supposed to look like! Canadian lnifemaker used Elk Horn for the handle and oversized brass pommel. You could probably chop firewood with this thing! Nice job. Fred is at:
Another beauty from Kata Nam, this time a Bear Claw adorned with cocobolo and black micarta handle, with red fiber spacer for contrast. Also illustrated is Kata's first try at a kydex sheath. Pretty cool. Kata is at:

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