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Compact, Easy Carry, Hard Working Knives : Unique and Useful
Ferret (A) 6 5/8" long. 3 1/2" blade, 7/64" thick, use 3/16"  pins 


NCK175 $ 19.50
Bear Claw (B)  6 1/8" overall, 2 1/2" blade, use 1/8" pins
NCK162     $ 17.50
Adder (C)  4 1/2" overall, 1 3/4" blade, use  3/16" pins. Our smallest. 
NCK664  $ 16.50
Tomcat (D) 7" overall, 3 1/2" blade, 1/8" pins 
NCK461  $ 16.50
Notes: None of the above knives require a guard or bolster making these some of  the easiest to assemble of any of the knives we carry. The Ferret makes an excellent, lightweight backpacking knife. The Bear Claw with it's unique handle shape, locks into your hand and becomes an extension of your arm.  The Adder is the smallest knife we carry and, when fitted with a Kydex sheath slightly larger than a credit card, can be easily carried in your pocket. The Tomcat is the perfect lightweight carry but hardworking and functional sportsman's  knife. Sleek and slim, the Tomcat features a very useful gut hook.

New! Bear Claw Tutorial, CLICK HERE

Beautiful Bowies: Traditional  Hardworking Clip Point Designs of Quality 440-C Stainless That Have Never Lost Their Usefulness.   

Friar knife blade blank
Texas Bowie (A)  12 1/2" overall, 7" blade, 3/16" thick
Note: Waiting for next shipment from manufacturer
NCK494 $49.00
Slim Bowie (B)  8 3/8" overall, 4 3/4" blade, 1/8" thick
NCK067 $18.75
Frontier Bowie (C)  10 1/8" overall, 5 1/2" blade, 3/16" thick
NCK419 $24.50
Brass pommel for Texas Bowie or Frontier Bowie, correctly  drilled and tapped  
NCK401B $6.00
Nickel Silver pommel for Texas Bowie or Frontier Bowie, correctly  drilled and tapped   
NCK401N $8.75
Brass guard for Texas Bowie
NCK494B $7.50
Nickel Silver  guard for Texas Bowie
NCK494N   $9.50
Brass Guard for Slim Bowie
NCK067B $6.50
Brass guard for Frontier Bowie
NCK012B $6.50
Nickel Silver guard for Frontier Bowie
NCK012N   $9.50
Friar  (D) 5 1/2" blade, 2" wide, 10 1/4" overall length. Great for Renaissance Fairs or re-enactment. Click HERE for a few design ideas
NCK119  $21.50 
Brass Guard For Friar 
NCK112  $10.25