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CW5 Jim Patrick of the 10th Aviation Brigade Safety in FT. Drum ,  NY sent along these pictures of his first knife ( Yes, I said first). This beauty was made with a Helle  blade, cocobolo with black-white-black spacers, hand filed back strap, and mosaic pins. Looks ready to go to work. Jim is at:

Matthew Bray, for his first time out, decided to do a beautiful job dressing up this Ocelot blade  with Black Walnut for the scales , Purple Heart and Birch spacers, and some brass bolsters. Mattehw is at:
Peter Van Der Valk of the Netherlands send along this picture of this creative work, made from an old saw blade with a walnut and wenge handle made from an old table. You've got to love when recycling yields a beauty like this. Peter is at:
This sleek creation is another "recycled" beauty from Peter Van Der Valk. I love the matching handle and wood sheath, made from walnut. I'm never going to throw my old saw blades away again.
Bob Bair sent along these pictures of his absolutely beautiful Hawk Blade , done with Spalted Maple scales ( hardened with a water thin super glue) . Notice the black-white-black fiber spaces under the scales and the mosaic pins. Very nice touch. Bob is at: 
19 year old Matt Garrison sent along a picture of this beauty: ground from 1085 steel, hand polished with 800 grit sandpaper, this working knife features corian scales with hidden pin construction. I want to see what Matt is doing in a few years from now. Matt is at: 
Another beauty submitted by Kata Nam. This sleek and functional design started out as a Delta 5 Chute blade. Kata heavily modified the guard profile, used horn scales with micarta bolsters and trim. Kata is at:
First time out for Melvyn Wright: he choose to use spalted maple burl handles on a Northland Skinner. Dig those gunshell cartridge rear pins! Nice touch. Melvyn is at
Abe Getty made this pretty cool looking  puukko blade with a burl handle and the crown from a (reindeer?) antler. Click on the photo to also see the excellent sheath that he made to go with it. This just looks like a hard working blade, doesn't it?  Abe is at
This is a Riverboat Rita boot blade with an unusual,  very high tech touch: scales made from a PC board encased in epoxy resin.  Again, take a look at the larger photo to see the excellent high tech sheath that Abe Getty made for this knife.
Frank Chikey mostly grinds his own, but sent pictures of this excellent Cobra blade done with maroon micarta scales. That's one aggressive looking blade! And take a look at that gorgeous handmade sheath! Frank is at :
Ken Martineit sent along pictures of his first ( yes I said first) puukko blade, made with brass spacers, a sambar stag butt cap and a dark wood spacer from a plate he got at a garage sale ( now there's something   I can  identify with !) . Looks like this is a knife that's going to earn it's keep. Ken is at:
Another beautiful creation from knifemaker Bob Bair ( email above) , this time a Puukko design with brass and buffalo spacers, and a brass butt cap. Puukkos are considered to be utility knives but there's no reason they can't be gorgeous. 
Very imaginative creation by Ryan N who started with a SharkTooth Blade embellished with copper scales. Ryan is a jeweler by trade ( that explains a lot doesn't it? ) and believe it or not, this is his first blade. 's not his last. Ryan is at
Beautiful Mongoose Blade by Ben Beardsmore uses hidden pin construction and has maple and cocobolo handles with a bloodwood spacer. Pretty cool, ain't it? . Ben is at
Another Ben Beardsmore creation, this time a Ferret Blade with bloodwood handles. The sheath compliments it very nicely, also. Ben says this is only his second knife. Hard to believe.
Steve Kozak dressed up the classically styled All American lockback folder . Scales are York Gum Burl. Not sure what that is, but it sure is pretty. Steve is at 

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