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Kata Nam calls his first knife "his baby" but I don't see where this blade needs any coddling. Kata started with the Eagle blade and added turquoise spacers and buffalo scales. Did he say first knife? Yeah, believe it or not, this is Kata's first project. 10 years from now, expect to see his stuff under glass surrounded by a wood frame. Kata is at
Yes, it can be done. Joe Gilmore converted this Darrel Ralph DDR3-RR to a left hand opening folder for a friend. Among other things, the liner lock had to be reversed and re-bent and the threaded holes retapped. . Moose antler handles. Lucky Friend!  Joe is at
First time out and knifemaker Robert Bair  turned the Hawk blade into this work of art. The turquoise and corian really sets off the handle. This was his first sheath, too. Robert is at
Beautiful blade is the work of knifemaker David Taddiken. This was his fifth project and he chose mammoth tooth and blue coral. This is a knife that should be in a glass case. David is at
Jason Hildebrandt chose a blade from Damascus USA for his first knife. The handle is made of maple burl with whitetail antler and lapis spacers.
Jason is at
This is Mark Lawley's first knife, believe it or not. I think he did a masterful job on the Darrel Ralph Modern Bowie . Notice the modified belly of the blade. How'd he do that?  I think the handles are corian. Mark is at
21 year old Doug Eckert made this Cougar blade with nickel silver bolsters and pakkawood (similar to dymondwood) handles. Beautiful job, Doug! Doug is at:
Australian knifemaker Stephen Nixon made this gorgeous  Badger blade with modified brass guard and a beautiful tiger striped wood called blackwood. (Anyone ever hear of it before? I like it! ) Stephen is at:
First time knifemaker Scott Schlef made this beautiful RiverBoat Rita with redwood burl scales. Spar varnish gives it a durable, shiny finish. Excellent , Scott. Scott is at
French knifemaker Thierry Perrier sent along pictures of his new Puukko blade. Jade trapped between two brass guards, decorative mosaic pins and rosewood handle make this functional knife really stand out. Thierry is at
Knifemaker Gary Silvers sends along this mini-tutorial showing us the before and after of how he makes a knife. (Click on the picture to see this). This is something we can all aspire to. Gary is at
Another beauty from knifemaker Gary Silvers. Notice how the different colored fiber spacers set off the horn handle and brass butt cap. I love the damascus blde. 
Rick Chambers, President of the Big Paws Bullet Co., sends a picture that shows he does knives, too. The larger hunting knife is made from a Russell-Green River blade with a handle of white tail deer femur. Looks like a hard working knife, doesn't it? The smaller knife was specifically ground down for carving pumpkins. Rick is at
First time knife maker Jeff Sotzen decided to do this Bear Claw blade with some rich looking padouk wood. Jeff got that beautiful finish with 600 grit sandpaper, pen polish, paste wax and a buffer.  Jeff is at
First time knife maker ( yes, I said first time) Tom Marsico sent along some pictures of his Puukko knives. This one sports some beautiful tiger stripe maple handle and brass star inlay. Spacers are bloodwood and ebony. Beautiful. Tom is at  .
Another Puukko from Tom Marisco, this time with extra curly birch handle, and moose antler spacer 
Hawaiian knifemaker Rick Mahoney did a great job first time out on the Alout blade. Rick likes to use woods native to the Pacific isles. I believe this is koa. You can reach Rick at:
Another creation from Hawaiian knifemaker Rick Mahoney. Rick used native kamani wood for the scales on this beautiful Bear Claw blade. Gotta love that burl! 

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