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Affordable Quality, Hard Working Blades
Affordable quality blades that are easy to assemble and are designed to be functional -- beautiful to look at, but are serious, hardworking blades that will give you a lifetime of service.    

Oryx (A)  Guthook skinner with finger hole for greater control,  7 1/2" overall, 2 5/8" blade, .1/8 thick,  3/16" pin and thong holes. Satin finish

Knife blanks for knifemakers

NCK446   Oryx skinner with guthook $14.50
Genet (B), Skinner blade, finger hole makes it easy to hold and use. 8" overall, 3 1/4" blade, .1/8 thick,  3/16" pin and thong holes. Satin finish
NCK846  Genet Skinner Blade $12.75
Hyrax (C) Terrific general game and skinning blade ,flat ground, 8 1/4" overall with 4 3/8" blade, 1/8" thick. 3/16" pin holes, 3/32" bolster pin holes ( bolster available seperately)
NCK498   $19.50
Guard Set for Hyrax, brass, pair
NCK498B    Brass bolster set for Hyrax, pair $6.50
Eland (D) General purpose hunting blade 8 1/2" overall, 4 1/2" blade, 1/8" thick  3/16" pin holes, 3/32" bolster pin holes ( brass bolster available separately)  Satin Finish  
NCK398   Eland hunting blade $ 19.50
Guard Set for Eland, brass, pair
NCK398B  Guard set for Eland, brass pair $ 6.50
 Kudu (E) Large skinner blade, finger hole makes it easy to hold and use. 9" overall, 4" blade, .1/8 thick,  3/16" pin and thong holes. Satin finish
NCK946   Kudu large shinning blade $ 16.50
Jackal (F) Large skinner blade with partial serrations, 9 1/2" overall, 3 3/4" blade, hollow ground, 9/64" thick,  3/16" pin and 3/32 bolster pin holes. ( brass bolster kit available separately)
NCK278  Jackal Skinning blade $ 19.50
Guard Set for Jackal, brass, pair    
NCK278B Guard set for Jackal, brass, pair $ 6.50


Hardworking  Blades for Tough Tasks
Beautiful blades perfectly suited for a hard day of yard work, hunting, or camping--- or can be dressed up to become a  treasured heirlooms  and envied by all of your peers. The Rattler is a useful size every day carry knife that can double as a small skinner. The Centurion  with it's false unsharpened top edge is  a strong and dependable design that  comes with attached stainless guard.  The Commando is a heavy utility or fighting blade  that will hold up under the heaviest use. The Maus is a perfect hard-working everyday carry blade that serves as a small game skinner or letter opener --- or anything in between.

Centurion knife blade blanl

 Commando Knife Blank

Maus Blade Blank
Rattler (A) 8 1/4" overall, 3 3/4" blade, 1/8" thick,  use 7/64" bolster pins, 1/4" handle and thong holes
NCK-364    $29.50
Centurion (B)   9 1/2" overall, 4" blade, 9/64" thick,  1/4" thong and pin holes.
NCK-178   Note: Waiting for next shipment $19.50
Commando (C)   9 1/2" overall, 4 3/4" blade, a solid 3/16" thick. 1/4" pin holes, 1/4" thong hole
NCK-954 $39.50
Maus (D)    7" overall with a 2 5/8" blade, use 3/16" pins 1/4" thong hole.  Holes for optional bolster are 3/32"
NCK-378 $14.50
Brass Bolster set for Maus Blade, includes 3/32" pins
NCK-378KIT $6.75