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Fishing and Fillet  Blades 
Premium , sharp and  flexible, these high quality knives are perfect for the fisherman. Although the 6" Fillet Blade is the most popular for it's size, the very thin (.045") and flexible Trout Fillet has always been my favorite and the one that  I carry.


7" Fillet Knife (A) Overall length 12", blade 7 5/8", 1/16" thick, use  3/16" and 1/8"  holes for handle pins 

NCK019  $13.50
Trout Fillet Knife (B) 10 1/2" overall, 5 3/4" blade, .045" thick ( very flexible! ) ,  use 3/16" and 1/8" pin holes   Note: Waiting for next shipment from manufacturer
NCK029   $15.00
 6" Fillet Knife (C) 10 5/8" overall, 6 11/16" blade, .075" thick, use  7/32" and 5/32"  pins
NCK538   $11.00
Notes: Inasmuch as these fillet knives do not require a guard or bolster, they are extremely easy to build and finish. I have no clue as to why the two holes in the handles for pins are different sizes and have received no other explanation beyond "tradition". Water resistant Kydex makes the best sheath material. 
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Sheaths for fillet blades

Fillet knife leather sheaths
Fillet Knife Pouch Sheath  (use with 7" Fillet )
NCK-101PS $ 21.00
Trout Fillet Knife Pouch Sheath ( use with 6" Fillet Blade or Trout Fillet Blade )
NCK-711PS $ 19.50
Note: For the strap sheath, to insure a truly custom fit, you will need to size and install the included snap on the strap. This will require a Snap Setter. If you don't have one, I have them on the Sheath Making Supplies Page
Swordfish Fillet Knife
Just in time for fishing season!  Regardless if you're actually going to be going after deep sea swordfish, or  just want to convince your friends that you want to be ready for that 40 pound trout, this generous sized fillet knife will always serve you well. Quality 440C, this thin and flexible blade  will hold a razor edge for a good long time . Overall 16" with a 10 1/2" cutting edge. Holes are metric, but 1/8" pins would work fine.   Optional Matching Swordfish Fillet Sheath is made of 9 ounce top grain leather, suitable for engraving but will need to have leather finish applied. Click HERE for instructions
SwordFish Fillet Blade  
NCK-219 $ 23.50
Swordfish Filet Knife Pouch Sheath
NCK-421PS $ 23.00

 Everyday Carry Hard Workers
Beautifully crafted from tough 8-A stainless steel, all five of these are a good common sense size that will prove to be very handy, useful and productive without being too large to carry comfortably.  You'll get a lot of use  out of these hard working designs. All mirror polished for a professional look. Very nice quality.

harrier knifemaking blade blank
Osprey Knifemaking blade blank
Muscrat (A)  7 " overall, 2 3/4" blade,  use 1/16"  pins if you want to run them around the edge, or 3/32 center pins.  3/16" thong hole . Straightforward and efficient!
NCK513 $28.50
Meercat (C)  7 1/2" overall, 3 1/8" blade, looks best with no guard, using the integral guard only. 3/16" pin and 1/4" thong holes. Clean European design!   
NCK046 $25.25
Fox (D)  7 3/4" overall with a 3" blade. Has 7/32" pin holes and a 1/4" thong hole. Classic beauty and function. NOTE: Waiting for next shipment
NCK814 $ 34.00
Harrier (E)  8" overall with 2 7/8" blade, 5/32" thick, use 1/8" pins
NCK-913  $ 25.50  
Osprey  (F)  7 5/8" overall with 2 5/8" blade, 5/32" thick, use 1/8" pins
NCK-023  $ 25.50