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Brendan Whitehead Day Ops Absolutely gorgeous Day-Ops folder by Brendan Whitehead uses ebony, amboyna burl, copper, and wooly mammoth ivory, Proves that there's no reason a hard working can't be beautiful!  Brendan is at
  Cory Speh sent along a few pictures of some of his beautiful creations. Submitted for your approval is this Tomcat blade with tiger maple handles. I like it: Neat, clean and efficient! Cory is at:
Another one from Cory Speh, this time a terrific Trout Fillet with walnut burl handles. Just having a knife like this would be enough to make me want to go fishing.
Saving the best for last ,another beauty  from Cory Speh. This time a gorgeous Frontier Bowie, done in a wonderful contrasting ebony and bloodwood handle. Looks like it's ready to go to work!
Kitchen Knives by Bob Wilson Wow, take a gander at this kitchen set made by Bob Wilson with contrasting Corian and turquoise gemstone. Who wouldn't love to get this as a gift set? Bob is at   If you get a minute, you might want to visit his website at www.BobWilson.US  to see some of his other creations
Utility Knife Who says a Utility Blade can't be pretty? Although most people just cord wrap these or use simple wood scales, Neil Cameron dressed his up with some oak scales. Neil is at
Adder Knife by Neil Cameron Neil also submitted a picture of darling little Adder done up with a camouflage Corian scales . This little blade is probably one of the most useful sizes you can carry with you everyday. 
Slim Bowie Knife by Aranda Santiago Aranda of Spain sends along a picture of his Slim Bowie done up with  a traditional look using horn handles. Now that's the way to do it! Looks like an historic reproduction, doesn't it? Santiago is at
  Another great example showing that a Utility Knife doesn't have to have a utilitarian look. Robert Courtney's utility knife features a belly that was ground back a bit to slim down the profile, lacewood handles and yellow fiber spacers. Robert is at Robert Courtney
 Utility Knives Want another example of what you can do with a simple Utility Knife?  Tom Lane, to show his appreciation,  made these for his employees with a variety of hardwood handles. Wow, adding  bolsters really dresses these up, don't they?  Tom is at
Alpot blade by Rich Lewis Rich Lewis did a superb job on this Alout.  I've made a few Alouts, but I always thought they looked best on a cheese tray. The rosewood handles that Rich used make it look like it's ready to spend a good long day in the field. Rich is at
Alout Blade by Kevin Mann Another superb looking Alout, this time by 14 year old Kyle Mann. Kyle used black Corian for the handles for a clean, functional and hard working look. Kyle is at
Utility blade by Courtney How do you make a Utility Knife even more functional? Bob Courtney modified the handle to be a (beer?) bottle opener!  Bob is at
Hawk Blade  Michael DyFoon of  Plano, Texas, sent this picture of a superb Hawk Blade blade done up with a very nice cocobolo handle. Although it looks downright pretty sitting on a display base, this is a blade not afraid of hard work. Michael is at
utility Blade blank by Ybarra The range of creativity exhibited with a simple Utility Knife design never fails to impress me. The filework that Brian Ybarra did on the handle makes this a piece of art.  Brian can be reached at

I'd love to see a picture of your personal creation here and  love to build up the NCK Gallery to a  dozen pages or so. Send pictures of your proud craftsmanship to

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