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Quality Blades with Pre-Attached Bolsters
Beautiful hard working blades of 440C steel with the nickel silver bolsters ( or brass in the case of the Abalone 2) already attached to simplify your work. All are hollow ground The Sentry is a classic design while the Scout is an elegant and efficient modern one. The Centurion  sports an aggressive but very useful design, comes withmounted stainless guard.  The Abalone 4 is a slim, lightweight Every Day Carry design that will serve the camper or hiker well.  The Venator is a serious heavy duty knife with a blade that is almost 5" long and is a hefty 3/16" thick 

Centurion Knife blade blank


Abalone knife blade

Venator hunting knife blade blank


Sentry (A):  Mirror finish, 3 3/4" blade, 8 3/8" overall. 1/4" pin and thong holes. A good, solid .145" thick.
NCK-478   Sentry $29.00
Scout  (B): 8" overall with a 3 3/8" blade, .145" thick, pin holes drilled for 1/4" pins and a 1/4" thong hole. Satin finish
NCK-056   Scout $29.00
Centurion (C)  : 9 1/2 " overall with a 4 " blade., 1/8" thick. False top edge.  Pin holes and thong hole are 1/4".
NCK-178   Centurion
  Note: Waiting for next shipment


Abalone 4  (D) :  8 1/2" overall with a 4 1/2" blade.  Use 1/8" pins . Note: the manufacturer recently updated the former Abalone2 blade. Click here for a picture of the old Abalone 2
NCK-519-4    Abalone 4 

Venator (E) 10 1/2" overall with a 4 3/4" blade and a hefty 3/16" thick       Use 3/16" pins and 3/16  thong tubing . Bolsters are .150" thick
NCK-59   Venator  $23.50
Functional and Hard Working 440C Blades
All tempered to a pretty respectable RC57-58. The Besra and Hobo are both small ( I almost said cute)  but very useful blades, perfect for backpacking because of their size and weight, but also perfectly well suited for small bird and game hunting.   The Ares  makes a terrific skinner  with it's broad belly, but it also makes a great all-around camp knife. The Caribbean is a large blade, maybe too large for an everyday carry , but with it's  nickel silver guard and subhilt design, coupled with the long sweeping blade, it sure makes one impressive and sexy blade. The Lovemore is designed for pure, efficient function. Period.  The Cat is called that because there's only one way to skin a ....uh...never mind. Another perfect skinning blade, solid, heavy construction

Besra backpacking blade

Hobo Small Skinning Blade
Ares Skinning Knife Blade Blank

Lovemore knife blank

Cat Blade

Besra  (A)  6 3/8" overall with a 2 3/4" blade . Use 1/8" pins
NCK-5015   Besra 

$ 16.50

Hobo  (B)  6" overall with a 2 3/4" blade. Use 3/32" pins. 
NCK-560   Hobo 

$ 15.50

  Ares (C)  8" overall with a 3 3/4" blade. Pin holes are 3/16"
NCK-5116      Ares  
Note: Waiting for next shipment

$ 21.50

Caribbean (D)   10 1/4" overall with a 5 3/4" blade. Use 3/32" pins
NCK-549   Carribean 

$ 29.50

Lovemore (E)    7 5/8" overall with a 3 1/2" blade.  Use 3/16" pins
NCK-513   Lovemore

$ 20.50

Cat Skinner  (F)   7" overall with a 3 1/2" blade, pin holes are 5/32", thong hole is 3/16"
$ 19.50