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Clean and Efficient Designs, Pure Function
The Deer Hunter Junior is a  traditional design that still retains it's useful functionality in an easy to carry size. 440C steel .     The Avalon is a  hard working, common sense sized,  everyday carry size blade  of 440C that can be made with or without the optional nickel silver bolsters (supplied).  The Praetor is a premium design done in a satin hollow ground  finished 440C steel. The optional Guard and pin set  comes with preshaped nickel silver guard and  pin . The Cricket has a mirror finished upswept blade and is an excellent  backpack or hiking size. 440C Steel.  The pinpoint sharp tip is especially useful for dealing with splinters or ticks. The Colt makes a terrific small skinner or easy to carry camp or backpack knife


Avalon Knife Blank

Colt , small blade blank

(A) Deer Hunter Junior, 7 1/4" overall, 3 1/2" blade, 9/64" thick, 1/8" pins holes. Thong hole is 3/16" 
NCK540 Deer Hunter Junior Blade


B) Avalon, 7 3/4" overall, 3 1/2 " blade, 1/8" thick, 5/32" pin holes , 3/16" thong hole , with attached bolsters
NCK59 Avalon    NOTE: Waiting for next shipment                                 

$ 19.50

C) Praetor 7 5/8" overall, 3 1/2 " blade, (Order guard kit below). You'll also need 1/8" pins and 1/4" thong tubing.
NCK774 Praetor  $ 29.50
NCK774KIT  Praetor Guard Kit ( Guard and pin) $ 9.75
D) Cricket   6" overall, 3 " blade, 3/32"  pin holes
NCK536 Cricket Blade

$ 13.50

E) Colt   6 1/4" overall, 2 3/4" blade, use 3/32 pins, 1/4" thong hole satin finish blade
NCK188   Colt   $20.50
Surprisingly Affordable Quality
Surprisingly nice blades for the money, these knives  make an excellent first project that should yield  encouraging results and give you the confidence to try more complex projects.  Experienced knifemakers can really dress these up for the perfect gift  ( although you'll probably want to keep the first few for yourself). All carry a satin finish. The Asp is a perfect lightweight backpack or hiking blade while the Jackrabbit  and Mustang make terrific camp knives. The Stallion and Mule are both hardworking blades that would make great hunting skinners.  

Jackrabbit knife blade blank

(A) Asp 5 1/2" overall,  2 " blade,  5/32" thick,  1/8" tang holes,  3/32"  bolster holes
NCK564   (Discontinued. Sorry)  


(B) Jackrabbit,  7 1/4" overall,  3 1/8" blade,  1/8"  thick,  1/8" pin holes

$ 16.75

(C) Mustang,  7 1/8" overall,  2 3/4" blade,  1/8" thick,  3/32" pin holes,  1/4" thong hole

$ 19.50

(D) Stallion 8 5/8" overall,  3 1/2" blade, 1/8" thick,  3/32" pin holes,  1/4" thong hole

$ 19.50

(E) Mule,  8" overall,  3 1/4" blade,  1/8" thick, 3/32" pin holes,  1/4" thong hole

$ 19.50