Tutorials:  Welcome to Knife Making Class!

First up, let's learn some basic knife terminology for the parts that you'll be making or working with. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I drew the picture at the left for your reference. Pay attention. There'll be a test on this later.

About the only other common part that isn't shown in this drawing is a pommel, the metal cap you see on the end of the handle of a lot of bowies, usually threaded onto the tip of the partial tang. The flat pieces of wood or other material that are mounted to the sides of  full tang knives are called scales or slabs.

Also, it's no accident that the first tutorial is one on safety. Common sense always applies but in the absence of this, you can cause some serious damage to yourself. Hey, these things are sharp, remember? Read the safety tutorial.


Please note that many of the knife tutorials show the construction of a specific knife but that the techniques shown can be used with any project, including the ones that you pick and design. Absolutely no reason you can't be creative!