Economy Blades  
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Ebay ( Economy )  Blades:
 I call these Ebay blades because these are the ones that everyone seems to be selling  there. Naturally you can find some pretty decent blades on Ebay but they seem to be the exception rather than the rule.

Yes, these are made in Pakistan.  I'm not going to tell you that these are the best blades I carry, but my first impression is that for the cost, these really aren't that bad: all of them have a halfway decent grind and  mirror polish finish.  I tried scratching a few of them and I would guess that the hardness is around RC54 or RC55.  Economical as these are, these should be good for the first time knifemaker who doesn't want to sink a lot of money into their first attempt or someone who wants to experiment with some new ideas .

If these prove to be popular, I'll start looking at bringing a few more designs on board   


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Boot Knife
8 5/8" overall with 4" blade, 1/16" Pins
Boot Knife Blank NCK-BL131 $ 11.50

9 1/2" overall with 4 3/4" blade, 1/4" Thong., 1/16" pins
Tracer Knife Blank NCK-BL137 $ 16.50

12 1/4" overall with 7 1/4" blade, Brass guard.  1/4" Thong hole, 1/16" pins
Tanto Knife blank NCK-BL126 $ 17.50

Reminiscent of the classic Randall designs, this blade is 12" overall with a 7 3/4" blade and is a respectable 3/16" thick. Use 3/16" pins
Economy Knife Blade blank Fighter NCK-BL015
$ 13.50

Medium Drop Point
8 5/16" long , 3 3/4" blade. use 3/32" or 1/16" pins
BL129 Drop Point Blade NCK-BL129 11.50

Medium Bowie
9" overall with a 6" blade. Use 1/8" pins 
Medium Bowie Knife blank economy blade
NCK-SOBL1 $ 9.50
Clip Point Hunter
9 1/2" 0verall with 6" blade, 5/32" thick, use 1/8" pins 
Cli[p Point Hunter Economy Knife blade blank NCK-SOBL007
$ 9.50
8 1/4" blade. Note: Comes without pin holes. I would recommend drilling one or two for mounting your handles. 
Economy knife Blade blank Bowie NCK-BL7891
$ 9.50
Drop Point Blade, Small
6 3/4" overall with 3 1/8" blade  , 1/8" pins 
bl016 pic BL016 Economy Drop Point Blade NCK-BL016
$ 7.50
Drop Point, Medium
 3" Blade, 6 1/2" overall  , 3/32 pin holes, 1/4" thong hole
BL014 Drop Point economy blade blank NCK-013 $8.75
Modified Skinner Blade
6 1/8" overall, 2 5/8" blade, 1/16 pin holes, 3/32" thong hole.  
Modified Skinner knife blade blank  NCK-BL086 $ 9.50
Drop Point Hunter
9 1/2" overall, 4 3/4" blade, 5/32" thick, 1/16" pin holes ,thong hole is  1/4" 
Drop Point Hunter BL7702 Blade blank
$ 10.50
Silverback Bowie 
Massive 16 1/2" overall with 11" blade. .20" thick. 1/8" pin holes. Includes brass guard. This is one giant blade!
Silverback Bowie Knivfe Blank  NCK-BL614  $18.50